Take a resolution.


In 2003, my wife, Sarah, and I were asked to do an installation for “First Night,” a New Year’s Eve celebration in downtown Pittsburgh. We built a seven-foot-high by 28-foot-wide wall and covered it with two-inch squares of paper (each held with a single staple). Printed on each square was a different resolution—7,056 in all—for the coming year … “In 2004, I will be a better Dad.” … “In 2004, I will invent a new word.” … “In 2004, I will follow my heart.” … A person could approach the wall, find a resolution they liked, pull it off and “keep it.” Underneath the resolutions—printed onto the wall itself—was one big resolution for all of us. As each small square was removed, this resolution was slowly revealed. Remember, this was 2004. But now—many years later—it’s a resolution I continue to make.