I still have my mind


for Intel’s Sci Art Series


I was one of 42 designers asked by Intel to design a poster around a high school student’s scientific breakthrough. Raghav Tripathi’s research could lead to a way to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. This immediately made me think of my grandmother, who lived to be 96 and was “sharp as a tack” all the way through. Even though her hearing and eyesight were failing and arthritis made it difficult for her to walk, she seemed fairly content. She was able to hold meaningful conversations. She could think clearly about her present and her future. And she could remember her past. All of us should be able to finish our lives this way. I paired a series of photos by Justin Visnesky with my grandmother’s mantra. Hopefully, it’s something everyone will be able to say one day thanks to the important work of people like Raghav.