Copy+Paste: Hall of Architecture


for Heinz Architectural Center & Carnegie Museum of Art


Visitors to the Carnegie’s Hall of Architecture are constantly wowed by the nearly 150 building facades, monuments and fragments from across the Western World. Many don’t realize that this collection is made entirely of plaster copies, painstakingly cast and reassembled over a hundred years ago. It’s the only remaining collection of its kind in the United States. Over the course of Copy+Paste, curators, technologists, students, architects and artists tested new ways of presenting information about the Hall, including an app designed by Carnegie Mellon’s School of Architecture that can be pointed at any specific cast for a detailed history of how it came to be. My job was to visually connect the Hall to the Heinz Architecture Center (located several hallways and staircases away) which contained an exhibition on the Hall along with with a workshop space where visitors could 3D print their favorite casts. Exhibition photos by Bryan Conley.