The Braddocks


for Agnes Bolt


These things were traded between two towns named “Braddock” (one in Pennsylvania and one in North Dakota): duck decoy, mini grain elevator seed holder, book, skinned pheasant feathers, crocheted bells, commemorative plaque, bust of Polish hero, aerial map of cattle ranch, cement cat, Black Bear Mountain tchotchke, photo of cross in field, belt buckle straight from the hip, Costa Rica travel guide, pink ceramic bowl, welding grips, Toni Buba DVDs, photo of a broken heart, original postal stamper, red jacket filled with regret, hammer, knife sling, meat grinder, painted angels, postal workers creed, wrestling trophy, parade footage, single Steelers mitten, crystal necklace. And new meanings for old things were found. 6.375 x 8 inches, 160 pages, with a reprint of a newspaper article on the project.